Code of conduct

Raith Rovers Women and Girls Football Club



Most football clubs have a code of conduct, which is a set of rules that all involved with the club should adhere to. Our code of conduct tries to promote a positive environment for all our players.


Players Code of Conduct

- Smile and enjoy while participating.

- Listen to coaching staff at all times.

- Do not use foul and abusive language at any time.

- Play by the rules and laws of the game.

- Respect everyone involved in the running of the club.

- Wear club training gear to training and matches, and contact the coach/secretary to advise if not attending.

- Arrive at training and games ready to participate to the highest possible standard.

- Pay subscriptions on time


Coaches Code of Conduct

- Coaches are qualified via Scottish Football Association courses.

- Coaching staff will not use foul or abusive language at any time.

- Coaching staff will ensure that training sessions are appropriate to age, level of maturity and level of ability.

- Coaches must display a high standard and appearance and be appropriately dressed.

- Coaches must be aware of club philosophy, inclusiveness, friendliness and approachability.


Parents Code of Conduct

- On supporting your child please act in a responsible way.

- Parents should bring their child to training and matches on time.

- If attending games, parents should not coach their child, but instead, should encourage and support them and their team.

- if attending matches parents should occupy the opposite side of the pitch from the coaches.

- Smoking should take place out of sight.

- Parents should respect coaches decisions, either regarding team selection or during matches.

- If any concerns about player welfare, please contact the Team Coach, Team Secretary, Head Coach, or Child Protection Officer.